Thursday, October 26, 2017

CSL is "da man"

Here is a oddball quiz, symmetrized for fairness:

1. Quiz for the Arminian: which Calvinistic Christian do you wish would abandon (or had abandoned) his or her believe in election, and recognize the truth that all people have, within themselves, the ability to cooperate with prevenient grace and respond positively to the gospel call which leads to regeneration?

2. Quiz for the Calvinist: Which Arminian Christian do you wish would abandon (or had abandoned) his or her believe in a universal vestigial goodness, small but sufficient to self-generate a desire for God, and recognize the truth that God in his sovereignty must resurrect us from death and regenerate us before we want anything to do with Him? 1

I think I worded that fairly. Any complaints?

The answer to the first quiz is easy: Jesus! Or if he is not allowed as an answer, then: the apostle Paul! (I know, I  know--sorry Arminian brothers and sisters. Sort of. But...)

The answer to the second quiz is very subjective. But I'd have to go with C. S. Lewis. He should have been a Calvinist, but wasn't. What's up with that?

I thought about C. S. Lewis because I was directed to his essay on the efficacy of prayer, an essay I somehow previously missed. It's awesome.

1 An uglier quiz for Calvinists is: Which Calvinists do you wish weren't, because they are downright embarrassing? There's a depressingly large pool of possible answers.  2  A subset of this pool is the complete set of hard-core Presbyterian theonomists.

2 Gee, I hope I'm not on anyone's list. Nah. couldn't be. Could it? Nah. I'm not worried. Really.

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