Saturday, July 13, 2002

We Need A Playoff!

Why it is truly scandalous! Ranking systems giving different results! What are we to believe? In the table below I give the top 25 Christian blogs from the well known Chairon Leaderboard compared with the top 25 (there is a tie for 25) from the upstart He Lives rankings. (He Lives actually does much better in the Chairon rankings than in its own, where it drops precipitously. Go figure.)

The Chairon ranking system, while highly respected, is shrouded in more secrecy than an Enron board meeting. (It is rumored to involve Hostess HoHos and the Sydney Opera House.) The He Lives ranking system believes that sunshine is the best disinfectant, and publicly describes its system:

  • Martin Roth’s page is downloaded and parsed to get all the blogs from his definitive blogroll.
  • Links to each “target” blog are searched for on the main page of all the other blogs.
  • If a link of any type (back to the target) is found (not necessarily a blogroll link), then the target blog is credited with another unique “site”.
  • The total number of links is also counted, but the ranking below is based on the number of unique sites. ( If you rank by total number of links, then MartinRoth stays on top but In Between Naps jumps to number 2, indicating that Amy Welborn gets a lot of reference links).

So whether you have a site that puts He Lives on your blogroll or you have a post in which you write Look what that knuckle-head at He Lives has written this time! (or both) I would credit He Lives with a "site".

Again, no matter how many links there are back to the target blog on a particular site, the target blog gets credit for just 1 site. The total links is also tallied, but not shown here.

Blog (Chairon Rank)LinksBlog (He Lives Rank)Sites
Sacra Doctrina40MartinRothOnline60
MartinRothOnline.com37Sacra Doctrina51
Fool's Folly36In Between Naps49
In Between Naps34beautiful feet41
beautiful feet33Catholic & Enjoying It38
Catholic Blog for Lovers30jimhart300037
Andrew Sullivan29Fool's Folly36
Relapsed Catholic28Presbytermark35
Presbytermark27how now, brownpau?34
Nota Bene27Relapsed Catholic33
lollardy25barlow farms32
Catholic and Enjoying It25Catholic Blog for Lovers31
barlow farms24lollardy30
Mark Byron24Andrew Sullivan30
how now brownpau?23Mark Byron29
EveTushnet.com23Minute Particulars28
Catholic Light22Nota Bene27
Minute Particulars22Annunciations25
He Lives22Carrifex25
Kairos21bloggedy blog24
------Sursum Corda24

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