Monday, July 15, 2002

Not Your Normal Sunday

I was sitting in church yesterday, in between Sunday School and the service, when a woman came running in to tell my wife and me that my son Samuel had taken a terrible fall in the parking lot. The kids go there during the break to play soccer. He was in some sore of collision and fell down hard-- hitting his head along the way on a bench that sits off the parking lot at the church entrance. When I got to him he was on the ground moaning. Someone called an ambulance, but after they arrived and some consultation we decided to take him to the emergency room ourselves.

He appears to be fine with no signs of a concussion. He did have to go all day on a clear liquid diet, and was a real trooper about it (I would have been whining nonstop).

The church was wonderful in their concern. Even though this was a minor emergency it reminded us that we have no family nearby—without the church we would be completely alone.

In the afternoon I took him to the bookstore and CompUSA, his favorite two places. We bought a switch/firewall/Nat and when we got home we hooked it up with our cable modem so that now we have two computers connected to the Internet. Then we played chess over the web (at which drove my wife nuts: she just couldn’t see the fun of sending signals over thousands of miles of wires when we were just four feet apart and could have used an actual chess board. Women just don’t get it! What to expect from a sex that cannot grasp the comic genius of The Three Stooges?

For Baseball Historians Only

My son is fascinated with sports history and has always been intrigued by the 1986 World Series, even though it occurred more than four years before his birth. As such, he always uses Bill Buckner as his user name. So when I registered on to play him, I naturally chose Mookie Wilson (he hit the infamous grounder) as my name. So if you ever see a match between Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson on, you’ll know who it is.

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