Monday, March 19, 2018

A needful reminder from yesterday: I AM a Baptist!

Sometimes I slip into thinking I’m a Presbyterian in a Baptist skin. I worry that maybe I hang around the Baptists just because they are [insert ridiculous positive stereotype: pot-luck loving, friendly, emotional,  good musicians, and caring] as opposed to the [insert ridiculous negative stereotype: dour, Ichabod Crane-like, frozen-chosen] Presbyterians.

I do know at times in my life I have gotten myself in trouble for my “Presby-like” views on the ordinances sacraments. For example, I was mildly “scolded” some years ago (not in my current church but in the frozen tundra) for using the phrase “means of grace” while praying before the congregation in preparation for communion. (I’m certain that today, in that church, I would not be scolded. At least not for that.)

But yesterday…yesterday reminded me that I do indeed have “pure” Baptist blood in my veins, not the diluted 19th and 20th century “symbolic-commemoration-only” synthetic plasma.

Our sermon covered 1 Cor. 10:14-22, and our pastor made it clear that while we share the communion meal with each other and remember Christ’s sacrifice, it does not end there. That’s not all it is. Not by a long shot.  Paul is teaching us that we are also sharing the meal with Christ.

Pastor Ryan quoted Hanserd Knollys (1599-1691)1 an English Particular Baptist: 2
Christ and His Saints, do enjoy mutual communion and spiritual fellowship one with another, at the Lord’s Supper…Christ sups with his Saints and the Saints sup with Christ.
That's awesome. Calvin couldn't have said it better.

Reformed Baptists: Sharing much sound theology with the Presbyterians, but with pot-luck too. It's the best of all worlds.

1 Man, he must have been like the oldest person in the world when he passed!
2 As quoted in J. Ryan Davidson, A Covenant Feast, Ichthus, 2016,  p. 70.

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