Monday, February 26, 2018

City Steps (the nostalgia, it burns)

These steps (on the left, the ones that appear to rise to infinity) which we called City Steps go from three-river "water level" on Pittsburgh's North Side (not far from the Steelers' and Pirates' stadiums) to the neighborhood of my childhood--perched on top of a hill, called Fineview. Click to enlarge for an appreciation of the City Steps.

I walked them many times. I think now it would kill me.

Why was my neighborhood on Pittsburgh's North Side called Fineview? Well, because being perched on a hill it affords one a fine view of the city. This picture was taken about 100 yards from my childhood home, at the end of a street that looks over a ball field.

I played (or tried to, I was not an athlete) many baseball games on that field. It was all dirt when I was a kid. I wish we had that carpet of grass.


Does this work?  a link to street view of my childhood home (I don't know who lives there now) and a glimpse, on the right, of a fine view of Pittsburgh. You might have to move the viewpoint a bit.

Pittsburgh's North Side was and is a rough and tumble impoverished inner-city neighborhood. I loved growing up there. But I'm glad my kids didn't have to.

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