Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I'll take "Unimportant Things" for $600, Alex

I saw this ubiquitous bumper sticker on the way to work. Not for the first time it occurred to me how wrong-directional this is. Christian: you should put Christ back in Christmas, not tell the world to do so.  Exactly for whom is this message intended? If there must be a bumper sticker (and there mustn't) I would prefer to see: What you do is a matter for your conscience, but as for me, I'm making Christmas all about Christ.

We are concerned with unimportant things. I have have had several Christians question me about my use of the year designations BCE and CE rather than BC and AD. It is as if I am committing the sin of insulting God or the very least an unspeakable capitulation to the culture. No, it is the practice that is gaining acceptance, so I adapted. There is no satisfying answer provided when I ask: "Why is this important? Does the bible instruct us to use BC and AD? If so I will immediately comply." No--it is just somehow a matter of orthodoxy for me to do so. Because reasons.

So unimportant.


  1. I wonder how many much of this is driven by civil religiousity where all we need are superficial signs of "Christianity" in the culture to make us happy.

    1. BTW, I mentioned your post to L. She said that in one sense, Christ has always existed even before the incarnation. "Before Abraham was, I am."

    2. L is correct! BC, on its surface, is meaningless.