Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I Was the 16-Year-Old Godfather of “Answers in Genesis”

A fascinating read.

There are all kinds of cages, and our own cage (creationism, Calvinism, intellectualism, anti-intellectualism, social justice, theological superiority,  eschatology, spirit baptism, culture warrior, confessionalism, dominionism, theological purity, ...) is always of the gilded variety.

We all are a Goldilocks, each hitting that narrow (very narrow, hardly room for two people to walk abreast) path between law and grace, reverence and irreverence, factiousness and tolerance.

An interesting question to me is: When we escape one cage,  do we always, always, always enter another? Methinks it might be so.

Now go and have a blessed, splendiferous day!


  1. Thanks for the link.

  2. I enjoyed this post, and the question you raised. My own preliminary thoughts at the moment are that we remain in cages, but that cages qua cages aren't necessarily evil. A similar sort of issue that I run into are all the "red pills" people are always taking. It is an interesting question.

    1. Wood, thanks for the comment. I like the question I saw on your blog:

      “Give me liberty or give me death!” Who is more likely to shout that? Jesus Christ? Or Satan?

      I don't know!

  3. Thanks, David. I came of age during the "WWJD" bracelet era, and I'm usually not much of a fan of those sorts of things. But the mental exercise of "Who is more likely to say/do/shout X" has helped at times. I hope : ) Thank you for your posts; I'm enjoying reading through them.