Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Former Pastor, Current Pinhead

Al Stefanelli is an internet atheist—one of the mouth-breathing, bottom-feeding, lower-brow class, definitely not an elite Atheist-Plus. He apparently used to be a pastor. It is easy to understand why he no longer is—he knows less about Christianity and the bible than your average stuffed animal.

Here is Al at his finest. In a recent post he recommends a social experiment, to be conducted in grocery stores and in which the experimenter targets moms with "Christian jewlwery or clothing" shopping with the kids. (Crosses are always dead giveaways that the wearer is a Christian! *Eyeroll.*) Yep, he is suggesting that you should head to the supermarket and approach moms with small children-- but in a sensitive "stealthy but not stalkerish" manner--and then act really, really creepy. Brilliant.

The experiment unfolds. What you are then supposed to say, loud enough for the kids to hear, is
Did you know that if you don’t behave yourself, you will be be tortured and burned to the brink of death and kept in severe and writhing pain forever and ever and ever, with no hope of ever getting away!
Ain’t that special? To avoid a scene, you are to explain:
[I] noticed [you] were a Christian, and [was] just reiterating to [your] child a very common Sunday school lesson.
This is soooooo stupid I felt obliged to add another internet atheist fun fact to the growing list, without attribution but in honor of the ignorance of Al Steffani:
Jack Chick Developed Our Curriculum Myth: This is the certain knowledge among many internet atheists that we get our kindergarten Sunday School materials from Jack Chick. That we send four-year-olds off to class and they return with nicely colored pictures (stay in the lines, Billy-Bob, like your sister/cousin/aunt Billie-Bob did!) of sinners in hell screaming in agony—dancing in flames while being skewered by ferocious demons. In the top center, lording over the entire scene, Satan is laughing, and saying: “it all started when they were bad children who sassed their mammas!” We keep the Crayola factory running day and night with our insatiable demand for red, orange and yellow crayons.
Al goes on to write:
Before they can respond, ask them if they believe what the bible says about hell, and what happens to people who don’t behave. This works no matter if you believe in salvation by grace or by works, as Scripture is so malleable and enigmatic that it won’t take much effort to explain the lighter points of eternal damnation with respect to children.
Al—the bible nowhere teaches "If you don’t behave you will go to hell." Or anything to that effect. If bad behavior gets you to hell, heaven will be empty.

Like I said—it is no surprise he is a former pastor—except that it requires that he actually was one in the first place. That's a scary thought.


  1. I just read his bio.

    Dark, sad, bitter minded fellow, who has never experienced the great grace of our loving Father.

    I pity him.

    By the way: Did you know that an atheist believes in a god who doesn't exist? Think about it!

    1. What if I walked up to a mom I knew was an Atheist and said in front of her children "Did you know everyone you ever loved who died is now gone forever and they have become nothing? That every good memory you have of them will be gone as well when you die too"?

      I might further rant (without being creepy of course) "You & everyone you love will just snuff out one day and be devoured by nothing. If a very bad person kills you or someone you love in painful way when he dies he will suffer the same fate as a good person who tries to help you. He will be devoured by nothing. Everything is meaningless!"

      I'm sure that would go down well and the woman would be dying(no pun intended) to become a Christian.......NOT!!!!

      Wow this guy is an idiot & a creep!

      A rational Atheist might tell their children "Yes when you die you cease to exist but that is no worse then not existing before you where born".

      In a like manner rational Christians like myself can tell our children "Yes making the choice to be wicked & evil will earn you Divine punishment at the end of your days. But you don't have to make that choice. You can choose to Trust Christ, Love God and repent and try by God's Grace to be a good person then you won't have to worry about death".

      It's not hard.

    2. My point being in reality there are hard truths. They don't cease to be true just because it's possible to reveal them to children in a frightening way.

      Hypothetically if Atheism was reality then that wouldn't make the hard truths about it wrong just because it is possible to tell those hard truths to children in a scary way.

      Since God is Reality Itself/Being Itself the same goes for talking about the reality of Hell and Divine Justice.

      Again not hard.