Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jokers over Jokers

Anatomy of a Shakespearian comedy:

  1. PZ Myers, in a juvenile delinquent theatrical fit of "I'll do it not because it is right but just because I can" threatens to desecrate a consecrated host.

  2. Catholic League chucklehead Bill Donahue, forgetting the lesson of Jesus when his actual actual body was desecrated ("Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do") gets all frothing at the mouth and succumbs to paroxysms of righteous indignation. Instead of availing himself of a golden opportunity to take the high road, he takes to the gutter, calls for Myers to be fired and for every Catholic yahoo on the intertubes to send Myers email. Mix in a good healthy dose of Christian victimhood and persecution complex.

  3. A crude death threat arrives, Myers posts it, the owner of the email account gets fired. Then it is revealed, isn't that special, that it wasn’t she but her pinheaded husband who sent the email. Oy Vey!

  4. Editor: Bill, let's spice this up just a bit. Let's have a delegate to the Republican National Convention request additional security because of Myers's antics!
    Shakespeare: Are you nuts, nobody's that stupid! This monstrosity already taxes credulity!

  5. Egged on, Myers, unbelievably, caves to their (Catholic double-daring critics) challenge of his manhood by agreeing, oh what the hell, in for anathema, in for a fatwah, to desecrate a Koran as well. His mouth-breathing followers and commenters, who face no threat of their own, are heartened that he will put to the test their rather ludicrous theory that Donohue and his followers are worse than Islamic jihadists. Well, it is an easy speculation for them to make, since if they're wrong it’s no skin off their backs.

  6. Donahue, ever the short-sighted jackass, invites his followers to notify Muslim Muckety-Mucks of Myers's threat.

I have been blogging six years. I have never seen such a ridiculous drama unfold in blogsylvania.

Who are known to consider themselves joint authors of “the most consistently intelligent commentary” on any blog, a self-view that, by its mere existence, is darn close to self-refuting.

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