Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is good news:

A renowned political activist pastor has been released for too much politics, not enough Gospel.

Amen to that.

Terry Fox resigned, under pressure, from the Immanuel Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas.

From the article:

For years, Fox flaunted his allegiance to the Republican Party, urging fellow pastors to make the same "confession" and calling them "sissies" if they didn't. "We are the religious right," he liked to say. "One, we are religious. Two, we are right."

Shameful. Can you find anything resembling this in Paul's instructions to Timothy? I can't.

Look how amazed he is that the members of his church finally had enough:

Fox, who is 47, said he saw some impatient shuffling in the pews, but he was stunned that the church's lay leaders had turned on him. "They said they were tired of hearing about abortion 52 weeks a year, hearing about all this political stuff!" he told me on a recent Sunday afternoon. "And these were deacons of the church!"

Keep in mind that the members of Immanuel Baptist are undoubtedly staunchly anti-abortion, anti gay marriage, etc. It wasn't that Fox was preaching to a liberal audience uncomfortable with his views on abortion, it was that they finally recognized that the culture wars should not take precedence over preaching the gospel. We have only one commission from Jesus, and it is not to make it illegal for people to sin. It is to spread the gospel.

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