Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have blogged several times on the mythical "level playing field." This is the absurd position proffered by the academic evolution community in which it collectively states, sometimes through spokesmen who manage to maintain a straight face –no doubt through extreme exertion –that an intelligent design submission to a peer-reviewed journal would be given a "fair and unbiased" reading.

If they simply stated that ID is not science and ID submissions would not be given consideration —well then at least you could respect their honesty.

At any rate, for those of you not already familiar with the ill treatment of Dr. Richard Steinberg, here is an interesting article, all the more remarkable given that it was published by that right-wing, lunatic fringe, fundamentalist Christian organization: National Public Radio.

The entanglement of the National Center for Science (except for physics, chemistry, astronomy, cosmology… in other words only evolution) Education in the affairs of the Smithsonian is particularly appalling. This strange organization is much more about political activism than about science. Among other things, its representatives distort the position of the Catholic Church on evolution. And now it is clear that the NCSE is poised, Pat Robertson-like, to call down the wrath of Darwin upon any apostate academician.

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