Thursday, December 12, 2002


I am taking a break from serious blogging today. Just to post something, I am pleased to present the following for your consideration:
  • I received some additional hits recently because I was linked from a post on the erudite Joel Garver’s blog, Sacra Doctrina. Actually I was dissed, I think, but I am not sure—we humble reformed Baptists are a bit country-bumpkinish.

  • An important discussion of the merits of rival weather pixies started here, and was responded to here. You’ll never find a serious discussion of weather pixies on Sacra Doctrina, no siree!

  • Yesterday, on my Site-Meter referrals, I noticed three page-referrals from InstaPundit. Now I never read InstaPundit, although occasionally I’ll follow a link there, but I do know enough to realize that three referrals from InstaPundit makes little sense, you should either get zero or a gazillion. Out of curiosity I scanned his site and sure enough there are no links to me (nor any to Sacra Doctrina). So the mystery remains a mystery. I dinna ken 1 from whence came those referrals.

1 dinna ken is "Scottish" for don’t know. The name Heddle is Scottish. We were a peaceful, scholarly clan of weavers, poets, clergymen, vagabonds, weather pixies, and theologians, closely tied to the Knox clan, when we were overrun by the warlike and Arminian Campbell clan. The next thing the few survivors knew, when they awoke, was that they were in the hold of a boat to America or Australia and facing years of indentured servitude. That’s how my ancestor Dirk Struan Heddle made it to the New World.

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