Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Whither the Christian Blog

Over at bloggedy blog Andrew Careaga worries about the accessibility (actually the inaccessibility) of Christian blogdom’s content. The mysterious Bene Diction, whose identity is the topic of tremendous speculation (some have said, and I will not mention names, that he is actually a renegade non Y2K-compliant cobol program), gave a hearty second.

I have also wondered about whether blogs in general are effective ministries for reaching significant numbers of new believers or seekers. I know that my own blog is not. There is nothing, apart from providence, that would bring a seeker to my blog--- and if by some chance one trundles in, there is nothing compelling enough to captivate him. On the other hand, if my blog is used by God to reach just one seeker/new-believer/back-slider then its value would far exceed the effort spent on its production. After some initial angst about its ineffectiveness I have come to peace with the realization that I blog because (a) it is devotional, (b) the iron-sharpening-iron phenomenon, (c) I like to write, (d) I like the discussions, both friendly and heated (but respectful-- usually) and (e) it’s fun. We Calvinists don’t have too many problems with anxiety.

My gut-instinct tells me that the “uber pundit” Christian bloggers like Mark Byron and Joshua Claybourn (just to name two), with enviable links from the outside world, stand a much better chance of being effective ambassadors. I suspect a lot of people come to their sites unaware that they are about to be exposed to a Christian world view.

The blogs4god portal, as we native Pittsburghers say, is "a whole nother" story. If it succeeds like I think it will, it will soon place near the top of many seekers’ google searches. So it may be a good idea for blogs4god to have a prominent “seekers” area with appropriate, accessible content.

What do you think?

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