Thursday, July 18, 2002

Montezuma Gold

Peter Sean Bradley, Cathlolic and Lawyer, has been slumming in the terra incognita of reformed blogdom. He writes:
Tenor is an important part of persuasion. I have been dipping into the “reformed” wing of the Catacombs. Mark Byron reads like well-aged Scotch Whiskey - smooth and mellow. Dave Heddle on the other hand reads like a shot of tequila - pure unadulterated Calvinism.

Rarely have I received such a compliment! I am seriously considering placing his description of me as a “review” on the left side of my blog, just above the Verse of the Day.

Hey Doc Byron—I noticed he didn’t say you were single malt. I would be incensed at such an unspeakable slight! The mind literally reels!

One pick of one nit with Mr. Bradley: It would bring some balance to the equation if, when writing that the hole in my approach “seems obvious to Mr. [Mark] Shea as a former evangelical” you would refer to me as “David Heddle, a former Catholic”.

My fellow evangelical bloggers, what libation does your blog read like?

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