Wednesday, July 10, 2002

The Geek Within

I wrote a small Java program 1 that tells you not just how many blogs on Martin Roth's blog roll link to you, but which sites they are and how many links they have. It cannot tell the difference between a blog roll link and a “reference”, but the count gives an indication. I was going to put it on a website as an applet but that has been deprecated by hints on Martin Roth’s site that there is a secret society of geeks working on some exciting blog tracking tools.

Anyhow, the program is fun because it can identify new links, which sometimes (in my case, anyway) are scathing embedded references to one of my blogs (in someone else’s blog) that are questioning my intellect and breeding. Never want to miss one of those.

Anyway, just for fun I ran it on my good friend Jeffrey Collins, (I hope he doesn’t mind being a guinea pig) and here are the results:

For the blog Joyful Christian [] has 2 links
Xavier+ [] has 1 links
Barrabas [] has 2 links
He Lives [] has 2 links
Mark Byron [] has 2 links
On the Web [] has 1 links
Joshua Claybourn [] has 2 links
Journal [] has 1 links
Thought Crime [] has 1 links
Country Keepers [] has 2 links
Spudlets [] has 2 links

1 Didn't know I was a geek huh? Well I am. In fact, I am even the 'H' in JDH Technologies, a surviving "dot com" currently accepting orders, if you are buying.

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