Friday, July 19, 2002

Beta Testers?

Want to Beta test some collaboration software? Chat, whiteboard, telephoning, video, presentations, and lots more. Go exactly right here And follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Quick Start Web-4M. There will be a big download the first time (and anytime there is an upgrade, which will happen soon during this test period). Otherwise, you'll be able log in quickly.

  2. After the download, you should get a login screen. Enter a user name (if possible, use your blog name for easy ID) and a password and hit New User. Next time, of course, hit login.

  3. You will be asked if you "trust" JDH Technologies. You can trust them. Not just one but both founders are Reformed Christian Nuclear Physicists with Two Biblically Named Sons and are Fans of Pennsylvania Sports Teams although Only One hails from the Side of Pennsylvania that Has Actually Won a Super Bowl.

My user name is heddle. If I am on, feel free to bug me. If you see sheddle, that’s my wife. Don’t bug her. She can be vicious!

Please report any bugs. It will work better on PCs and unix/linux than on Macs. On Windows, somewhat better with IE than Netscape.

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