Friday, May 31, 2002

Posts are in reverse chronological order.

Blogger Pro 1.1 Bug

I generally compose my posts in M.S. Word (none of that StarOffice stuff for me Marc, no sir!-- what's good for MS is good for America!) and paste them into the blogger editor. That was fine until they upgraded to Blogger Pro 1.1. Now certain punctuation is rendered into HTML as a question mark -- for example don't from MS Word ultimately ends up as don?t. Interestingly enough

  • The text looks fine in the blogger edit window.
  • It looks fine in the preview window too, which is really insidious.
  • If you retype it (which is both a pain and silly, e.g., change all instances of don't to don't) it will be fine.
  • Blogger Pro 1.0 (which you can switch back to) does not have that problem.

So I guess my posts looked a little odd recently (in addition to reading a bit odd, which is normal). Since I will often forget to switch to 1.0, the weird characters may return.

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