Thursday, April 13, 2006

From the Pharyngula Archives: PZ on Abortion

In the form answering a survey, the highly unpublished Professor Myers provides his insight on the value of human life. This is from a year ago, so perhaps many of you have seen it.

Q: Where do you fall under the pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion rights continuum?

PZ: Way, way, way to the pro side. I'm in favor of voluntary late term abortions (where premature birth would impose severe economic hardship, for instance), and can even consider situations where infanticide is ethically tenable.

Q. Why do you support abortion rights? Be honest, please.

PZ: Because I value human life. There is more to being human than having the right number of chromosomes or arrangement of tissues; things like autonomy, cognitive development, and personality are more important metrics. Fetuses lack all three.

Q: Are there instances in which abortion should be legal/not legal? Why?

PZ: There are no instances in which it should be illegal. The onus is on anyone who argues otherwise, that women should not be given complete control of their reproductive process, to explain why not.

Q: How did you come to these conclusions?

PZ: That's the hardest one to answer. Short and inadequate explanation: my training is in developmental biology and neuroscience. I have no patience with the gushy mystical and emotional fol-de-rol that anti-abortionists attach to either development or the mind.

Lifted verbaitm from from here (boldface emphasis added.)

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