Thursday, August 15, 2002

Jerry Falwell

I have read some more posts about bloggers wanting to be delinked from the JesusJournal. Now I have no dog in that fight, and I think they should honor anyone’s request to be delinked, no muss no fuss. What bothers me is that one of the common reasons for wanting to be delinked is that the site contains, gasp, an article written by Jerry Falwell.

I understand that Falwell has made some unfortunate statements. And he is no Calvinist so I have vast areas of disagreement with his theology. He is a sinner and imperfect, as are we all. But of this I am sure: He has been instrumental in bringing far more people to Christ than I will ever be. Do I think the Lord will greet him as a good and faithful servant? You betcha I do.

Christianity is offensive. Few of us, if we received the media attention Falwell gets, would escape their ridicule any more than Falwell. On these pages, I’ve accused the largest professing denomination of Christians in the world of apostasy—there goes my chance for elective office! If the secular media despise Falwell—well I personally put that in the credit rather than the debit column.

I find it utterly distasteful that he is not only the secular media’s whipping boy but also serves in that capacity for much of Christian blogdom.

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