Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rats. It was only Google Analytics Spam.

Over the last couple days my daily page views for this blog skyrocketed from ~150 to in the thousands. In my shallowness, I hoped someone important linked to one of my posts that are in the set S, where S is the set of my posts that are original, well-written, and insightful. It turns out that all evidence still points to S being the null set.

It was all Google Analytics. Grr. I had forgotten that I even signed up my blog for tracking. It turns out there are well known spam issues associated with Google Analytics. The solutions you find on-line were not worth the effort, so I simply deleted the account. Traffic is back to normal.

Sigh. It was fun being a big hit for a while, even if it was all an illusion.

Yes, there is a lesson here about working for the glory of men rather than for God. I know. Really, I know.

UPDATE:  Further evidence I was spammed comes from a map of my visitors:

I'm guessing I'm not really a big hit in Russia!

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