Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Advertising is legal? Think of the Children!

Let's say you are a Christian against the legality of same-sex marriage (for unbelievers) because it somehow normalizes homosexuality and makes it more likely that young people (or older, for that matter) will engage in sin. That may not be the only reason for your opposition, but it's fairly common and the one I'm now addressing.

May I assume that you are also against all forms of advertising? Aren't virtually all advertisements designed to make people covet? Even advertising for Christian materials? Forget Calvin Klein, when Al Mohler or RC Sproul (just to take two examples) advertise their books and DVDs, aren't they attempting to get you to covet something that you don't really need?

The point of this short post is not to present a position on same-sex marriage.1 The point is to ask about hypocrisy--or maybe self-consistency. If you are truly worried about the legality of something leading to sin--then shouldn't you be fighting about the legality of advertising as forcefully as you argue (or argued) against the legality of same-sex marriage? Isn't a single sin of covetousness, apart from the finished work of Christ, enough for eternal damnation? So why aren't you rallying against advertising, which is ubiquitous and practiced as routine among unbelievers and believers?

1 You can infer my position from this: a) I am for full civil rights for all people (including LGBT people and including the unborn) and b) I see no call in the New Testament for us to attempt to legislate adherence to Christian morality by unbelievers.

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