Monday, May 29, 2017

A problem with humility? I don't really know.

I need some advice (which I ain't gonna get, because nobody else reads this blog anymore!)

I am really struggling in my Christian walk because of a lack of serious fellowship with other mature men, and from a lack of opportunity to teach substantive adult Sunday school classes.

I was an elder in my previous church. I had frequent fellowship with the other elders that provided the serious, masculine, iron-sharpening-iron that I desperately long for. And I was a Sunday School teacher who taught a rather vast array of serious theology-rich classes.

None of that is available to me anymore, and not likely ever to be again. It just isn't going to happen in my new church.

I know what this sounds like--because I've heard it a million times: I have gifts, why doesn't God let me use them? If as an elder I was ever less than sympathetic to this question--please forgive me. Now that I'm walking in your shoes I have first-hand insight to what you are going through.

Here is the truth. I'm a good teacher. A really good teacher. I may not be much good at anything else, but I have always been a good teacher.

So is it vanity that is eating me alive? It might be. On the other hand I was never: I'm an elder and and adult Sunday school teacher, so that's how I serve. I was happy also to serve in the more behind-the-scenes ministries as well (including years in the nursery, in which I routinely observed the relativistic phenomenon known as time dilation.)

But even that self-defense might just imply more vanity. I don't know, I really don't.

My study of the Word was so much richer and extensive when I was preparing to teach, and when I was meeting with the elders. These days I feel it a struggle to put a minimal effort into reading.

How do I replace what was lost?


  1. Start your own small group/Sunday School class?

  2. Martin, thanks for the suggestion and for listening to my whining!

  3. Wanting to use your gifts is right and normal. I don't know enough about the details of your situation to give you anything more than generic advice you could come up with on your own (find a men's breakfast hosted by another church that you join just for the experience of mature fellowship, start a YouTube channel to scratch your teaching itch, etc). But I do want to encourage you that wanting to use your gifts is right. A member of my ministry team likes to quote one of her professors, "The thing about a gift is you give it. Use your gifts!"

    If nothing else, be at least moderately encouraged by the fact that people still react with delight when they realize you've posted something. :)

  4. Thanks Glen, that's very kind.