Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Great [Work For] Commission

More repulsive behavior from Christians.
Cindy Jacobs, upon whom has been conferred the splendiferous honorific "Respected Prophet", has (gotta give her credit for originality,  I reckon) a unique twist on the prosperity gospel. Something like: "Believest in me and I shall multiply thy wealth, so thou mayest attract the money-worshipping Jew out of jealousy."
Here is what she preached (starting around the 42:30 mark in the video):
“What the Jews have, we have,” Jacobs proclaimed. “However, we have more when we’re in Christ because the Holy Spirit is inside us, empowering us to do the good works we’re called to do.” 
“I want to say to you,” she continued, “that one of the things I believe that’s going to bring a great harvest of Jews is the Christians becoming so profoundly wealthy … that it’s going to make them jealous. The wealth and the riches that we’re able to obtain is going to make them jealous.” 
“Do you think our poverty is going to make a Jew jealous?” she asked. “Come off it! No, we are meant to prosper. Why? Because they understand, in their culture, that obedience to God brings blessing.”
TRIGGER WARNING: If you listen to her "prophetic words" prior to her, um, sermon, and if you have a weak stomach, you probably want to have a barf bag nearby.

Atheists can't harm Christianity. Muslims can't harm Christianity. Only Christians can harm Christianity.

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