Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Noteworthy Miracles and Resurrections: Come and get 'em! (Or just send a Q-Tip. It should suffice.)

More vomitous Christian behavior.

Rick Joyner describes a visit to his church from healer-of-apostolic-proportions David Hogan. Hogan is not your garden-variety healer. No sir, not even close. He can heal by-proxy. Bring a hanky from a sick person, have David do his mojo, take the hanky back and voilĂ ! A picture of health. Heal broken limbs! Kid's stuff! Hogan regrows missing limbs!

At Joyner's church, a man crippled for six years was running laps the day after Hogan's visit. For Hogan that's almost anticlimactic. Joyner's congregation should feel a bit cheated.

Because Hogan's real power is the power over death. According to Joyner (and Hogan's site) the man has hundreds of verified resurrections to his credit. 

And he's kept all those resurrections off the 11 O'Clock news. Another miracle!

Atheists can't harm Christianity. Muslims can't harm Christianity. Only Christians can harm Christianity.

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