Monday, September 19, 2016

Yup, I was there! (Reposted from 2007, links updated)

Wow, I have all sorts of connections to emoticons that I didn't know about: they were invented at Carnegie Mellon, when I was there, and have a tie-in to the physics department where I was a student. Who'd of thunk it!

And here I thought that our most famous claim to fame is that we were on the winning side of one of the greatest college football upsets of all time: Carnegie Tech 19, Knute Rockne's Notre Dame 0. Although I think we might be able to beat them again if we had them on our schedule this year.

UPDATE: Here is the official CMU tribute (the real CMU, not Central Michigan University, those wannabes.) Man, I recognize some of those names. Michael Shamos taught my FORTRAN class! FORTRAN--now that's a language where you need to check your Y chromosome at the door. Whoo-A. GOTO 143.

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