Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Facts O' Fun Revisited

We have a new addition to the Internet Atheist Facts O' Fun. In addition, there is a link to the Facts O' Fun at the top of the sidebar on the right. Also, the facts have been numbered for easier reference.

Here is the newest addition:

25. Back in the Closet Rule: One of the verses at the fingertips of every internet atheist is Matt. 6:6: But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. (Oh noes, where dat come from?) The atheist apologist will plunk this gotcha verse down knowing we never read it (see #3. The Law of the Biblical Knowledge.) It will be applied to any instance of public prayer in this manner: Stupid christoidjits don't even read their own babble! No nuance is permitted. It cannot be, as the context suggests to some, that this is a reference to personal petitions and confession, not corporate prayer. And of course the fact Jesus himself prays in public (e.g., Matt 19:13, Luke 3:31, esp. John 17) as do the apostles on numerous occasions (Paul, alone, more than 20 times) must never be interpreted that maybe, just maybe Matt. 6:6 is not a blanket prohibition of all praying in public. For Dawkins's sake, may it never be! No, these counter-examples are only allowed to be applied to the theory that babble is full of inconsistencies.


  1. Amazing how such a divine document - written or at least inspired by the Creator of the Universe - requires such contrived explanations to make it consistent, isn't it? You'd think the Creator could do a better job telling us all what we should and shouldn't do.

    1. You'd think people would figure out by now that single sentences need to be read in context. Can you explain why David's explanation of this passage is contrived?

  2. It is meant to be read intelligently.

  3. It is meant to be read intelligently.

    Why would a just and loving God inspire a writing that was impossible to be understood by most Gnu atheists?

  4. Re Fact O' Fun #3, at least in the USA it seems to be the case that Atheists / Agnostics know more about world religions than any other demographic and score third best (after Mormons and white Evangelicals) on questions regarding Christianity and the Bible:
    Although the US population in general seems to be amazingly ignorant about Religion - with roughly 50% of US-protestants not knowing that Martin Luther inspired the protestant reformation and 50% of the entire population not knowing that the Dalai Lama is Buddhist... The majority also seems to be unable to tell Hinduism and Islam apart (not that surprising given that the basic facts about world religions are not taught in public schools).

  5. It is meant to be read intelligently.

    Then how come it is written so poorly?

  6. Then how come it is written so poorly?

    Always anyone's fault but the atheist's, eh Jeff?

  7. Always anyone's fault but the atheist's, eh Jeff?

    Actually, the lack of clarity in the Bible was yet another of the many reasons I abandoned Christianity. So its lack of clarity is apparent to believers, too. If not, what can explain the thousands of books all purporting to be the definitive word on how to interpret the Bible?