Saturday, April 06, 2013

Modesty, Thy Name is Richard

Uber-genius Richard Carrier, scholar of scholars and slayer of the historic Jesus. What do we know about him? Well, thanks to his modest autobiographical thumbnail posted on his blog we can catch a glimpse of his greatness. For example, we learn that his "avid fans span the world from Hong Kong to Poland" and he has "particular expertise in ancient philosophy, science and technology. He has also become a noted defender of scientific and moral realism, Bayesian reasoning, and the epistemology of history."

You get the impression that Richard had to write this so that it could be toned down a bit--reduced to but the smallest hint of the man and his accomplishments. For if one of his avid fans wrote his biographical sketch the ebullience and praise could not have been contained.

Thank you Richard, thank you. You are so considerate.

So it is with his self-reviewing. It would be just too embarrassing for a humble man like Richard Carrier to permit someone else to write reviews of his masterpieces. Richard eschews the praise and fame that is rightfully his--that's just his way. So to keep the glory from getting carried away he writes his own reviews. What a gentleman!

Here he is, modestly reviewing his book The Christian Delusion. In his own words:

Why It's Awesome

Two of The Christian Delusion's fifteen chapters are mine. The first is Why the Resurrection Is Unbelievable, which is the most definitive refutation of warranted belief in the resurrection I have ever composed. It's a deliberate tour de force, such that I doubt I'll ever have to write another. It even takes down recent attempts to use Bayes' Theorem to argue for the resurrection, and it contextualizes everything so there just isn't any rational basis left for claiming the resurrection is historically proven.

The second is Christianity Was Not Responsible for Modern Science, which is another tour de force, conclusively taking down once and for all the claim that Christianity gave us modern science. If you didn't know Christians were arguing that, I give numerous quotes and citations. I expose their logical fallacies and factual errors, which are so egregious you'll agree advocates of the thesis must be delusional. My debunking of it is so decisive in this chapter, you won't need to refer anyone anywhere else.

Richard, Richard, philosopher, mathematician, historian, scientist, technologist, epistemologist. How Great Thou Art. How Great Thou Art!

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