Monday, February 04, 2013

Don't buckle up, you hypocrite!

There is an atheist site called WWJTD, named for some knucklehead whose initials are JT. Clever. Its subtitle is: “Fighting Religion Tooth and Claw.”

What's up with these people? Why do they feel compelled to put in their very name how "scary" they are? Fighting religion tooth and claw? Really? From what I have read it is more like "Fighting religion hand-flapping and spitting." I truly do not understand the atheist myth that we are somehow afraid of them. So, anyway, on this scary “tooth and claw” site we find this killer argument:
  1. Heaven and Hell are real, and you will go to one of them after you die.
  2. You will go to Heaven when you die, and you strongly desire to be there.
  3. That intentional suicide is a sin.
If you believed those things, would you wear a seat belt?
On second thought I see they are correct. This argument, with tooth and claw, eviscerates us. There is no sanctuary. Our entrails are exposed and the scavengers are upon us. Uncle.

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  1. Okay, this is fun:
    Yes, because wearing a seat belt while in a moving car is legally required, and I'm a cheap guy and don't want to pay a fine, and higher insurance. I also exhibit respect for God's oversight when I obey laws that are constitutional and don't dishonor God.

    Yes, because not all non-seatbelt-wearers die in accidents. Some are "just" (a 4-letter word!!) injured severely and suffer great pain. I hate pain.