Thursday, January 24, 2013

The rarefied air of A+

Some of the advancements in social justice promised by the Athiesm Plus (A+) paradigm-shifting age-of-enlightement are finally coming to fruition. Hooray!

As you might expect, great strides forward would come from the founder of the movement, Jen McCreight.1 Demonstrating her commitment to social justice, Jen has a post entitled I get email?!?!?! in which she reprints an email from a clearly non-native English speaker.

What do Jen's commentators, a group passionately dedicated to social justice and all things fair, unprivileged, and rational do? Why of course they make fun of the writer, adopting and mocking his/her nascent English mannerisms in their comments.

Why, it's already a better, sunshiney day! Thanks Jen! Thanks PZ! Thanks Richard Carrier! We owe it all to you!

1 And here is her Magna Carta of A+.

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