Friday, January 11, 2013

PZ Myers, dishonest twit

The (most recent) evidence, as if you needed more: Here PZ has published post entitled Algebra is political indoctrination. He writes, in his first two sentences:
Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. But there’s actually a video clip of the Fox News dolts sitting around expressing dismay at 6th graders learning about algebra.
Followed by:
Wait. These clowns don’t understand the distributive property in elementary arithmetic, and they confuse it with some kind of Communist plot? I think we’re done here. Where’s the hook? Can someone just yank these idjits off the stage?
So in spite of writing "Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up" PZ, just, um, makes stuff up.

This from the same clown who embarrassed himself mathematically and scientifically (again) in a previous post by shouting "fraud". (He backed of a bit, after so many pointed out the stupidity of his analysis.)

In the algebra post PZ is clearly painting a picture that the bumpkins are warring against the mathematical distributive property. Of course they are doing no such thing. They are upset, rightly or wrongly but irrelevant to the fiction he is creating, about an example used to illustrate the property--an example of distributing wealth. Their complaint has nothing to do with the mathematics, but with the illustration chosen. A few commentators on his post point this out--and they are, naturally, ignored by the horde of jackasses who blindly accept whatever PZ has to say.


  1. (He backed of a bit, after so many pointed out the stupidity of his analysis.)

    Right - he exhibited intellectual honesty, something you seem quite unfamiliar with.

    1. Jeffrey, I agree with you in a certain sense. A notpology is the most you expect from PZ in terms of intellectual honesty.