Monday, November 14, 2011

Jason Rosenhouse at CNU

Jason Rosenhouse, mathematics professor at James Madison University and well known for his writings at EvolutionBlog, will be at CNU this week. He'll be giving two talks.

The first, on Tuesday, is sponsored jointly by the biology and math departments:

The second, on Wednesday, is a mathematics colloquium:

Both are open to the public.


  1. Thanks, David. I was always so impressed with how fellow Mensan (uh, sure, why not a self-serving vanity name drop) Marilyn vos Savant befuddled all those professional statisticians! I plan to be there, you?

  2. BTW, you know how it is at CNU - where can I (not a student etc.) park? In the big Fergie lot?

  3. I will be there. Try the Fergie lot visitors spaces. If none are to be found, stop at the parking office in the parking garage (near the Fergie lot) and tell them you want to attend a public talk but can't find a visitor space.

  4. tx David, it was good. There is visitor parking near Freeman, closer than Fergie.

  5. Am I right in saying that Rosenhouse is a pretty hardcore atheist? Or did I find the wrong Rosenhouse?