Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The ACLU sux

at making it easy for some to perpetuate the myth that they only defend the atheist hordes.

Not that those who do will likely stop.

Once again they defend Christian expression:

ACLU defends Floyd athletes over Ten Commandments

I don't suppose the ACLU can tell those students: If you want to post the law, don't post the Ten Commandments, which was a covenantal document for a now extinct nation--post instead the Sermon on the Mount.

No, that's not their job is it?

I have never joined the ACLU--but that's not because I have any particular reason not to. I admire them greatly.

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  1. Thank you. I wish more Christians would understand that fighting for our freedoms is sometimes a tricky thing.

    I attended Liberty University in the mid '80s and I used to cringe every time Dr. Falwell would defame the ACLU. I couldn't stand it.

    I've written about the ACLU a few times myself -