Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mrs. Calvinist can write!

Here she recounts a recent job interview for our autistic son Luke. The interview was for a church accompanist. This is his second such interview. He didn't get the job the first time, and is likely not to get the job the second time.

It's not because he isn't a good enough musician--he is. It is unlikely, though possible, that a more musically gifted person got the job. The problem is that he instills discomfort in music directors--they realize they will have to learn how to deal with someone who doesn't communicate verbally all that well--at least when the instruction is not purely in musical terms. They will have to deal with someone different. It's a burden.

The first time Luke didn't get the job I wanted to ask the music director if he ever read Matt. 25:40.

It is really their loss, seriously. There is one constant about every church we have been in--that is the unanimous agreement that Luke--both his attitude and his music, are a huge blessing.


  1. R Hampton9:06 PM

    Troubling notion that Christians aren't even willing to work with their congregation at Church. Is it possible for Luke to interact with the music director and other officials on a regular basis so that they may learn to cooperate?

  2. Just to be clear, Luke does play the organ and violin at our church--these interviews were for other churches. He still hasn't heard from the second church.

    I do think that churches can cross the line where the music becomes performance rather than worship.

  3. chunkdz9:00 PM

    Luke's fearlessness is inspirational. Thanks for that story.

  4. I hope he got the job. (I don't see an update on your wife's blog.)

    In fairness to the music director at the the first church, he or she might already have a demanding (and possibly stressful) schedule, and if any other candidate were even close in musical ability, might have decided (possibly after anguishing over the decision), that the additional "burden" of working with your son was not manageable.

    I'm sure you've already considered that, and I certainly understand that it must be very frustrating as parents to see this happen to your son.

  5. He did not. Nor did they ever contact us. My wife sent a polite email to the pastor, along the lines of "no hard feelings we just want a definitive answer so we can move on." She never responded.