Wednesday, July 07, 2010


In changing my template I discovered that I have rid myself of the haloscan (or whatever they are now called) comments. I am now using blogger comments.

The old comments are lost. I apologize--not that I think many people will care. But I have to switch--the son-of-haloscan system was too hideous in many ways.


  1. David, I think people might find some comments at (not to be confused with ArXiV!) It doesn't store the whole damn Internet all the way back, but surprisingly close.

    There's probably a server somewhere that has the stuff. I bet the CIA could find it.

  2. Wandering Internet Commentator8:19 PM

    Although it's a shame to lose all the old comments, I have to agree, the old system was just too annoying. Hopefully this one will be better :D