Monday, February 15, 2010

Meanwhile over at PZ's Palace

As for PZ world—they are having one of my favorite discussions—a fight among the godless over libertarianism. PZ makes it clear that he views libertarianism as a pathology.

Feeling a bit of the over-used schadenfreude over the prospect of a circular firing squad, I posted this comment:
I envision this TV-Guide entry in heaven:

Thursday, 10:00, GBS. Rational Land, the Lost Nation (Season Premier) This critically acclaimed satire begins its 969th season. For the newly glorified: enjoy the drama of a nation where all religion and irrational thought has been eliminated. Only people for whom "rationalism is king" are citizens. One third are progressive, academic liberals known as PZians. One third are xenophobic, militaristic secular rightists known as Derbyshirians. And one third are libertarians known as Randians whose leader is indeed a randy old cougar. All are secular, all are convinced of the correctness of their positions and the total lack of merit (or pathology) of their opponents' positions. They have achieved their common goal of a society free of religion. Do you suppose they have a beautiful and peaceful nation? Tune in to see! Available in Aramaic by pressing the AAP button on your set.
I was roundly ignored. But I'll show 'em. I'll post it here. After all, according to my calculations, PZ's blog gets the same number of hits every 7.8 minutes as I get in a day!

On the other hand, I have to give PZ some credit. He has a knack for finding funny comics. I love this one:

Don’t believe me? See, for example Barbara Branden, The Passion of Ayn Rand.

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