Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm late on this but it is of such

monumental stupidity that I could not let it pass unrecognized. I'm referring, of course, to the (sigh) Baptist jackass pastor who planned to burn bibles--excepting of course the "it was good enough for Jesus so it's good enough for me" KJVs. Some chowderhead by the name of Pastor Marc Grizzard says than non-KJV translations are Satanic.

I've said it before and I'll say it again--of all the areas in which people draw a line in the sand where there should be none--I can't think of any that is as inexplicable, indefensible, and downright dumb as the non-biblical dogma proclaimed by KJV-only cult. Madness.

Oh my. Pastor Grizzard's declaration of victory:
We wanted to say that the Book Burning was a great success. It was a success because God's Word was glorified and uplifted. God magnifies His Word above His name, and so do we. The video of the entire service will be up in a few days. We wanted to thank all the Bible doubters who prayed for rain with us. All the protestors and media got wet; we were inside where it was nice and dry. Someone said that we were “hiding” out, but that is not so. The Chief Deputy asked us to keep everything inside, and we agreed, so we were obeying those in authority. We also have others that rent spaces in that same building that we have to respect. This event was successful not because of the rain, it was just an added blessing. A blessing in the sense that less people came out to protest, and there were no problems. We are not glad people got wet, we are glad that His Word was honored. Some have written praising God that he intervened and stopped the Book Burning because of the rain, protestors, and state laws about burning paper. Nothing was stopped. Our goal was to destroy garbage as noted below, and we did just that. We didn't care how it was destroyed; only that it was destroyed. These same people must have never heard about "Paper, Rock, & Scissors." Scissors cut paper, and paper tears real easy. We destroyed everything as planned. Praise God! God answered every prayer that everyone prayed, but they don't like the answer.
Sounds ever-so-much like the ministry of the Apostle Paul, don't you think?

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