Monday, December 22, 2008

Rick Warren must have...

used software to search the parametric landscape for a statement that optimizes an equal weighting of pandering, insincerity, and obsequiousness. No unassisted human brain could have accomplished it so perfectly.

The only thing missing from his “I love Muslims, gays, straights, Republicans and Democrats” mea-culpa, designed (poorly) to deflect criticism from his selection to deliver an invocation at Obama’s inauguration, is a follow-up regarding the ideologies and proclivities of “some of his best friends.”

Does anyone believe that Warren will present the gospel? Will he affirm anything along the lines of “there is no other name under heaven?” If he doesn’t, or if he can’t, he has no business representing himself as a Christian minister. None whatsoever. It would be much better for him to have turned down the invitation. Or spoke as an author and political activist, but not as any sort of Christian leader.

Enjoy the national spotlight Pastor Warren. It only lasts, at best, for a lifetime.

Warren is the next-generation Falwell, Robertson, Reed, Bauer, etc. He’s a little bit more sophisticated. A little bit. His political and self-promotional activities are perhaps slightly less annoying and embarrassing. Slightly.

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