Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fruits and Vegtable Soup

Alert from the American Family Association!

The end-times are near; Campbell’s Soup is being marketed to gay consumers.

My response to this is: do nothing. Oh--keep buying Campbell’s Soup.

If this were a retailer and the AFA was advocating a boycott, which they have done in the past (Ford, McDonalds, Disney, …) I would go out of my way to frequent the retailer and hopefully bear good witness. That activity has biblical support. The strategy of boycotts, alerts, petitions, e-mail campaigns, and press-releases has none. Unless we imagine...

Paul's long-lost letter to fellow tent-makers Priscilla and Aquila:

My dear brother and sister,

Due to the unspeakable sin of the city of Corinth, I feel that we must stop using rich Corinthian leather in our tents. We'll hit those bastards where it hurts! If you see Apollos, tell him to make sure his belt was made with Berean leather.

Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles and President of the Asia-Minor Family Values Association

Memo to the AFA:

Gospel: yes. Politics: no. The cosmic battle: over. Winner: the good team. He who is in me: very strong. He who is in the world: not so much.

(Hat Tip: Ed Brayton)

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