Monday, November 24, 2008

Blood Temperature at 373.15K

19 Go therefore and make patsies disciples of all politicians nations, lobbying baptizing them in the name of the Christian Coalition Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20coercing teaching them to enact legislation requiring all citizens to observe all that I have commanded you, (And some that I didn’t command, but you know I would have if I had thought about it. Use your judgment.). And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the Republic. age. (Epistle of Pat and Ralph Matthew 28:19-20 [DRAFT])
I really hate seeing crap like this.

Here is a novel idea for a "Christian Coalition" (whatever the hell that is):

Spread. The. Gospel.

UPDATE: The Christian Coalition link may be broken. If so, and you were wondering what was on the page I linked, it was an "American Values Survey":

2008 American Values Survey

Given the changes in Washington, it is urgent that political leaders understand that America's Christian voters expect strong moral leadership in government. Leadership that respects and reflects our values - not attacks them at every opportunity.

That's why we're conducting a massive survey of America's politically active Christians - so we can show the politicians and the media exactly where we stand.

We're surveying hundreds of thousands of conservative Christians nationwide, and we will announce the results in Washington, DC in January when the new Congress is seated.

This is your chance to send a strong message to America's political leaders as well as members of the media. Urge them not to ignore the issues and concerns of America's Christians. Don't let them claim that they never heard from you.

Fill out the American Values Survey below and have your voice heard!


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