Monday, July 07, 2008

We must be flexible!

A good post about the latest Jesus archaeological blockbuster.


All higher biblical critics

From: The School of Religious Irrelevancy, Hector Avalos, Chairman, Paul Mirecki Secretary, Department of Tenured Cliches, AKA Atheistic Religious Studies Professors.

To those who served our cause well by creating petitions, having funny internet nom de plumes, and writing academic papers that claim that the gospel writers and other redactors added the story of Christ's sufferings, you are hereby asked to cease and desist!

In light of this discovery, the new talking point is-- oh no, they weren't added (our bad.) What happened was the writers merely plagiarized a 1st century BC myth! Of course, we knew that all along! Really we did. We can get the Jesus Seminar into emergency session and have them vote on it with colored cards to prove it!

However, be prepared to revert back to previous arguments should this discovery be discredited.

Yours insincerely,

HA (don't make me start a petition!) and PM (The Evil Dr. P!)

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