Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bad e-Tactics, Bad e-Theology, Bad e-Witness. That's no way to go through e-life, son.

No, this time I'm not talking about the "Wedge Strategy." But it is another form of (in this case quite bad) evangelism by deception and misdirection.

Tom Gilson of Thinking Christian told me about this. (In person. Over breakfast.)

Enter any address ending in (note the missing 's') and you'll be taken to a John-Hagee-like pre-trib, pre-mill easy-beliefism (say this prayer and "really mean it" and you are saved) Christian site.

OK, I shouldn't be too hard on them, because I certainly don't know how to set up a site so that you are the destination for * (I tried and sure enough it worked.)

How did they do that?


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