Monday, May 05, 2008

Weirdest Amazon Order, Evah

This has to be the strangest Amazon order I ever placed. Three Items:
  1. The paperback version of The God Delusion, which will be used as a gift. (Yes, to someone I like.)
  2. A copy of the hardcover version of Feynman’s classic three volume set of introductory physics lectures—a gift to myself. My well-used paperback version is falling apart.
  3. A copy of John Hagee's Jerusalem Countdown. (Revised and updated!). Hagee is, to put it politely, a bat-shit crazy apocalypse cultist/svengali useful-idiot. I can hardly stomach reading anything he writes, but I know some Christians who are referring to him favorably so I want to remind myself of the awfulness of his false-prophetic arguments.
If this order doesn't crash Amazon's "recommendation” algorithm" I don’t know what will. I hope, although there is little chance, that on the page for The God Delusion it says, at least for a while, that "People who bought this book also bought Jerusalem Countdown."

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