Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tonight is the night...

I will go see Expelled. I'll be going with another Ph.D. physicist/professor/devout-Christian/active scientific researcher. We're all over the place. Get used to it! That person sitting next to you at the ballgame might be a scientist and a Christian.

My expectations for Expelled are extremely low, so I'm guessing the movie will not be as bad as I fear. We'll see. My fear, by the way, is that it pits science against faith.

However, I will comment that the screen-hopping advocated by some is a form of outright theft. Don't bother telling me all the things that the Expelled producers may have done that strain the concept of Christian ethics. That may indeed be the case. Regardless, buying a ticket to a different movie and then slipping into Expelled is theft of intellectual property, pure and simple. As is downloading pirated copies.

Here is one Pharyngulan wrestling with the ethical question. I'm pulling for the right choice.

Derec, however, has opted to be a garden variety low-class thief.

Kudos to Panda's Thumb charter member Wes Elsberry. He took the ethical line on screen hopping.

Here you can find many people who advocate stealing.

It is wrong, absolutely wrong, regardless of what unsavory tactics were adopted by the Expelled gang.

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