Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ken Miller on Campus

Ken Miller is coming to CNU. He'll be speaking on and about:

March 18:

Professor Kenneth Miller of Brown University, presents “God, Darwin, & Design: Thoughts about America's Continuing Problem with Evolution.” Evidence supporting the theory of evolution is pervasive in all fields of biology, and allows modern science to place the origin of the human species into its proper scientific context. But evolution remains controversial, especially in the United States, and is widely seen as embracing a worldview that many Americans find objectionable, even reprehensible. Conflicts over the teaching of evolution have become commonplace in many American communities, leading to public battles fought out in local and state elections, and even in federal court. Professor Miller will address the aspects of evolution that seem to provoke such responses, and will suggest that the science of Darwinian evolution can be understood in an entirely different way that might well lead to a reduction in the apparent conflicts between science and religion in our society.

I'm not sure about the time--I have written the professor who organizes these talks asking for that small detail.

UPDATE: The talk is 7pm, March 18, in the Ferguson Theatre and Music Hall on the campus of Christopher Newport University

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