Thursday, January 17, 2008

A win for the Gipper

Sorry for the lack of activity, but the semester is about to begin and I have all sorts of paperwork/preparations to complete. It turns out I won't teach Modern Physics, as earlier reported, but Introduction to Theoretical Physics, which is more commonly called "Mathematical Physics." Good stuff. Soon my notes will be on line, if anyone wants to audit.

Anyhoo--for those who haven't seen it yet, this article is wicked cool:

First Temple seal found in Jerusalem

Christians, for the most part, have grasped that we have nothing to fear from archeology. Now if they would only extend that logic to science. But with the YECs and ID, Inc. constantly telling us that science is part of a vast atheistic conspiracy, I fear "tilting at windmills" is the correct metaphor describing the small fraternity to which I belong.

Speaking of ID, Inc., they are sending conflicting signals regarding the movie Expelled. On the one hand, they promise that it will be history making. On the other, they are paying schools to organize field trips to see it.

It will see it, for sure. My expectations are very low--the American Christian Victimhood Syndrome is a disease I am trying to avoid.

Overheard at a meeting of the Persecuted Club in heaven, some time in the distant future:

Hello, my name is Stephen. I was stoned to death, and am the first Christian martyr.

Hello, I am a Sudanese Christian. I was hacked to death with machete for refusing to renounce my faith.

Hello, I am an American Christian. I was forced to move my website from a university server to a private server.

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