Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Profs: Tenure won’t matter!

Heretical nutcase Harold Camping is at it again. Camping, the president and co-founder of the Family Radio Network has, among other theological monstrosities, declared the end of the church age. Camping has sent notice that The Spirit has, by God, been formally withdrawn from all churches, save his own radio ministry. Camping’s model: leave your church, join a like-minded local group, and gather ‘round the radio on Sunday to listen to the sole remaining orthodox ministry—and more importantly the sole ministry still in God’s favor: Harold Camping’s.

He is also famous for predicting the end of the earth and the Second Coming in 1994. We can, I suspect, agree that his prediction was wrong.

But wait, there’s more! He has a relatively new book of which I wasn’t aware until I saw it discussed on Ed Brayton’s blog. The book, published in 2005, is: Time Has an End: A Biblical History of the World 11,013 B.C. – 2011 A.D.

The title is a spoiler. Camping admits (“oops, my bad!”) that he was wrong with his 1994 prediction. The real end will come in 2011! Camping writes:

About thirteen years ago, I wrote the book entitled 1994?. In it, I set forth a great amount of information derived solely from the Bible that suggested very strongly that there was a high likelihood that the world would come to an end sometime in the year A.D. 1994. Of course, the world did not end, and now, eleven years later, the world is still here.

However, during the past eleven years, God has been opening up to many who are studying the Bible considerable additional information which relates to the unfolding of God's salvation plan. When this additional information was integrated into the information which was set forth in the book 1994?, we knew that indeed the year 1994 was an extremely important year.

Moreover, we will discover that now, as we understand the Bible, it was the year 1994 in which Christ came a second time to begin the completion of the evangelization of His true people. We also have found considerable evidence that there is a high likelihood that the year 2011 will be the year in which the end will come. Nothing has changed in God's program. The Bible has simply made correction on our course toward truth!

Well, alrighty then!

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