Monday, October 08, 2007

You may notice a change in this blog...

when posting resumes.

For one thing, I will post less on ID. In particular, there will be far less comment on ID's flagship site: Uncommon Descent. The reasons are many. One is that the whole storyline of materialist conspiracies has grown too boring. Another is that the UD site is becoming more and more bizarre: smear campaigns; creepy, obsequious commenters; posts appearing and disappearing, sometimes without comment and sometimes with poorly expressed "notpologies" offered as explanations; dissenters getting banned willy-nilly; strangely unfunny posts labeled as humor; etc. The bottom line is that criticizing UD is starting to evoke an unpleasant queasiness in my gut—a kind of feeling of shame that you might associate with childhood teasing of some unpopular classmate.

I will continue to post on theology.

As for the science posting, that will shift from ID commentary to reporting on actual experimental nuclear physics. In particular, I'll be writing about the projects, running and proposed, at the world class Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Most often I'll discuss what is happening in TJNAF's Hall B.

Well, that's the plan.

OT: Movers come tomorrow to take our belongings from New Hampshire to Virginia. It's a tough, bittersweet time for us. Yesterday we had a farewell party at our church. That was quite emotional.

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