Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We have moved from New Hampshire to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. It happened very quickly--we envisioned staying in NH until January. But here we are, in temporary housing, looking for a house--a process that is much more time consuming when you have the luxury of being picky.

At any rate, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

We went back to a church we left six years ago when we moved to New Hampshire. It is a "Reformed Baptist" church. It was small when we left--maybe 40 members--and in the intervening years it has dwindled down to about half that size. And at the moment it has no permanent pastor, although the search is on.

I also visited the Presbyterian (PCA) church we attended before joining the Reformed Baptist church. In the last six years I have moved closer to the Presbyterian position--almost convicted of the truth of paedobaptism. However, I could survive quite happily in the Reformed Baptist church--agreeing to disagree--but we will wait until a pastor is named before rejoining officially.

That's about all I have until things settle down. We have made an offer on a house--but I suspect the seller will not come down as much as we hope.

I must say I have enjoyed my break from the ID wars. I haven't even read Uncommon Descent or Panda's Thumb for a few weeks and am blissfully ignorant of the many controversies du jour that I must have missed.

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