Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hiatus for at least two weeks

Because of all the turmoil involved in a move. We are moving, next week, from New Hampshire back to the Williamsburg area of Virginia.

It is so very sad to leave our church and friends (which are almost but not totally one and the same.) It is also sad to leave the beautiful state of New Hampshire, although Virginia is no slouch in that department.

Come January, I will be teaching physics here. Which is right next door to here.

We expected to move in January. Houses in this area are staying on the market for three to four months, and going for 90% of the asking price. Our house sold in ten days, at 98.5% of our asking price. My wife has always been fascinated with those shows teaching how to stage a house for resale. She put that acquired knowledge to use expertly.

Part of Heddle with the Holy Spirit indwelt: Thank you God for making this go so smoothly.

Part of Heddle that is the "body of death" being dragged about: Rats, we priced the house too low.

To my New Hampshire friends who may read this: we love you dearly, promise to be back (maybe for Caleigh), and offer our new home (which we haven't found yet!) for you to visit. Use it as a launching pad to visit Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Water Country USA, Virginia Beach, the Mariner's Museum, Jamestown, etc. Oh—and for those friends so inclined, the best track in all of NASCAR.

Our time here has been an unimaginable blessing for us.

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