Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Little Debbie

A famous car with a rich history in NASCAR is the Woods brother's number 21. Presently it is sponsored, part time, by Little Debbie snack foods. An interesting bit of miscellanea:

The #21-Wood Brother's part time sponsor, Little Debbie snacks, is run by Seventh [Day] Adventists. From sundown Friday till sundown Saturday, the team has to cover all Little Debbie logos on the hauler, wear non-L. D. attire and remove all L. D. livery from the race car.

(from Jayski, who attributes it to Autoweek, 3-16-2006.)

By the way—last week's race at Loudon was somewhat boring. NASCAR's newly introduced platform, the boxy "car of tomorrow," promised a more level playing field and more passing. So far neither is turning out to be true, at least not obviously so. But it was still fun to be at the track, and the weather was nice and cool.

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